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  • Square One Shopping Haul

    1. Bershka

    Got this cute long sleeve shirt from Bershka for only 9,000 won. The material feels really nice. I love the back design, too^^

    2. Olive Young

    Got some stuff for my hair since I plan on taking out my twists soon. I needed stuff that was extra moisturizing since I need to combat the Korean sun.

    3. ArtBox

    I bought a mini steamer and a hair dryer. I got to use my 10,000 won voucher that I got from the TaLK Program. So the price only came out to 21,000 won~ (Isn’t the bag so cute??!)

    4. H&M

    I absolutely love the H&M here in Korea especially much more than Forever21. The clothing selection is awesome and all the clothing I want usually goes on sale for like 3,000-7,000 won. My total was only 13,000 won.

  • The Result of Retail Therapy

    Hey, but at least I got everything on sale ㅋㅋ

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  • Square One is definitely my favorite mall in Korea. It’s an huge American style mall.

    I love the outside as well. It’s like a fancy park. Kids can swim and rent bicycles. And people can just chill and talk.

    Despite all the land we have in Texas, we have nothing like this lol

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  • At Artbox~ Bought a nifty steamer and a hair dryer with my 10, 000 ₩ coupon voucher.

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  • Retail therapy

    Retail therapy

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  • Who is "his TaLK scholar? Did I miss that part of the story? It's sounds horrible to have gone through, I hope you ar e able to get some closure~


    She’s the girl who replaced me at my old school this past February.

    Thanks^^ I’m hoping so too~

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    Noooo why'd you guys breakup? I'm sorry to hear!


    Sorry it took so long, but I finally answered your question lol


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  • The ex and I…(The Conclusion)

    I’ve asked Korean guys, Korean girls, and random friends about this situation, and they all say that what he told me was an excuse and not the real reason for wanting a break up and that he’s hiding something. I wonder if he regrets his decision or secretly misses me.

    Till this day, I honestly wonder what the reason is, but I guess I have to accept that I might never know? But the thing is, I wanna know, but I can finally get closure that way.

    So now I’m still hung up over this guy and feeling rather pathetic.

    This post has been a long time coming. I tried to write it a long time ago but couldn’t. Hopefully this will help me to get some closure and move on.

    I can honestly say I feel better after writing all this.

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  • The ex and I…(The Hmmmm)

    So I finally found out who his TaLK Scholar was. The only thing he had told me about her was that she was a girl and that she was from *insert country* He had never told me that he was a sista XD I  messaged her and she messaged me back. She seems really sweet and has a bf in Daegu (?), but ngl I was surprised when she said that most of her stuff is her boyfriend and HP’s house..Kinda odd, really odd, but I chose to overlook it.  We were supposed to meet last Saturday in Hongdae, but she canceled last minute saying that she had to do a lot of stuff for work. Was bummed lol There is so many things I wanna ask her. One question in particularly that will let me know if he ever really cared for me or not.

    Did he tell her he had a gf at the time and that girlfriend was me?? I ask this because that was one of the first questions he asked me when I moved to Hayang. I think it was because he needed to know so that he didn’t accidentally overstep some boundaries. I’m pretty sure she told him about her boyfriend, but did he tell her about me? Hmmmmmm

    In a recent post on her facebook, she called HP 오빠 and was clearly at his house making food with a friend…I know she could just use it to mean big brother but..shouldn’t she be calling her boyfriend that?? Like wouldn’t it be odd to call both of them오빠?? Lol

    The kicker is that she wrote some post saying that she was trying to be cute and surprise 오빠 at 2am but he wasn’t home, so she went to a motel…So which오빠 was that???

    I dunno what to think..

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  • The ex and I…(The Ugly+Break Up Day)

    Fast forward to the next week, I would text him but texts were pretty sparce. I remember on Saturday, I had talked to him briefly in the morning. I texted him that night to say that I was that I was going to a club for  my friend’s birthday. I got nooooo response Saturday night and all of Sunday despite me sending him messages.

    I was pissed so when he sent a text on Monday, I just ignored it. Early Wednesday morning, I get this text:

    I think I’ll come to Incheon on Saturday. I think I should tell you this….

    When I got this text, I panicked. Was it his sister?? Did something happen to her?? I had no idea what this was about. I asked him what and he said that he wouldn’t tell me until Saturday…

    Umm, that’s a rather long time to wait isn’t it?? I asked to answer me three things.

    1)      Is there more than one bad thing that is going on?

    2)      Is it serious?

    3)      What is it about? You don’t have to go into full detail, but I just wanna know.

    He said that it was a serious situation. -Sigh- That night on fb, I uploaded our pics from our 100th day and tagged him. In less than no time, he had untagged himself and deactivated his fb…

    I couldn’t take it and called him up and asked if he wanted to break up with me. :Silence:

    “Yeah, I didn’t know how to tell you..It’s so hard, but I think we should take a break. I feel like I lost my way…”

    What I wanted to know is why he felt he lost his way. He didn’t answer my question and said that he thinks we should go ahead and break up..

    We met up near my apartment on Saturday and went to a near by coffee shop. I had so many questions for him:

    1)      Why do you think you lost your way??

    :Dead silence: ( He looked pained and he looked like he wanted to say something but didn’t). I dunno how it happened, but I just want to be alone. This is an issue with me. I don’t think I could take care of you in a good way for long. I just want to focus on myself, if you can understand that..

    2)      Does this have to do with your studies?

    Well…kinda. I think I may have failed the exam again (an important exam he needs for getting a job to be an accountant.) If I keep failing, I have to go abroad..

    3)      Just tell me the truth, what is it? You can say it. Because honestly, it sounds like you’re not telling the real truth..

    It’s me not you…I honestly just want time for myself. And you have such an awesome life and I don’t wanna bring it down because of me. I couldn’t take care of you well and couldn’t make you happy.

    4)      You know, that sounds like an excuse right? That’s a popular cheesy excuse they give in the movies…And I was happy. You made me really happy. I don’t know why you don’t see that and why you doubt yourself. It’s like you don’t have the confidence to date me when you did before. I don’t get all this self-loathing..

    I finally ended up telling him:

    A)    Get his crap together

    B)    I worry about him. I know I’ll be completely fine after a while, but I insisted that he wouldn’t

    C)    That I didn’t hate him. I’m just really upset with him. Nevertheless, I thank him for coming down to Incheon to talk to me.

    D) I told him “politely” that until he gets his stuff together, that he shouldn’t date any girls, because he’d just get himself into this mess all over again.

    Then I walked away, leaving him in the café by himself…I went back to my home and cried.

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